Hi! We're Make Me Shiver!

If you've ever been in love, gone through a break-up, like to laugh, or want a song to cry along with you...
if you like to party and live it up... if you want music to drive to, music to woo to,
music that calls back to days of old but sounds brand new...
you have come to the right place! Please have a listen with us!

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The Wordsmith
(Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Songwriting)


The Low End
(Bass Guitar)


The Time Keeper

Too Much To Dream

Make Me Shiver's first album, released in 2006.

Moonshine Valentine

Make Me Shiver's second album, released in 2010.

New Music Coming Soon!

We are going into the studio soon to record a WHOLE BUNCH of new music!

Hear Us On The Radio!

Moonshine Valentine is currently being played on FROME-FM!